ACIC 2022: Room 3

Tuesday May 24, 2022
Session 1 - 9:15am-10:25am: Sensitivity Analysis 

Discussant: Erin Hartman

Evaluating the survivor average causal effect: flexible sensitivity bounds and mediation analysisHejazi, Nima*; Benkeser, David; Gilbert, Peter; Diaz, Ivan
An Omitted Variable Bias Framework for Sensitivity Analysis of Instrumental VariablesCinelli, Carlos; Hazlett, Chad*
Variance-based sensitivity analysis for weighting estimators for more informative boundsHuang, Melody; Pimentel, Samuel D.*

Session 2 - 10:50am-12:00pm: Mendelian randomization and instrumental variables 

Discussant: Stijn Vansteelandt

Variable selection for automatic confounder adjustment in Mendelian randomization using public GWAS databasesMorrison, Jean*
Breaking the winner's curse in Mendelian RandomizationMa, Xinwei; Wang, Jingshen*; Wu, Chong
Causal mediation with instrumental variablesRudolph, Kara*; Williams, Nicholas; Diaz, Ivan

Session 3 - 1:15pm-2:25pm: Randomized trials in the Real World 

Discussant: Luke Miratrix

No star is good news: A unified look at rerandomization based on p-values from covariate balance testsZhao, Anqi*; Ding, Peng
Defining and Estimating Effects in Cluster Randomized Trials: A Methods ComparisonBenitez, Alejandra*; Petersen, Maya L; van der Laan, Mark; SANTOS, NICOLE; Butrick, Elizabeth; DILYS, WALKER; Ghost, Rakesh; OTIENO, PHELGONA; Waiswa, Peter; Balzer, Laura
Combining Covariate Adjustment with Group Sequential and Information Adaptive Designs to Improve Randomized Trial EfficiencyVan Lancker, Kelly*; Betz, Josh; Rosenblum, Michael

Session 4 - 2:50pm-4:00pm: Graphical models for causal inference 

Discussant: James Robins

On Testability of the Front-Door Model via Verma ConstraintsBhattacharya, Rohit*; Nabi, Razieh
Causal and Counterfactual Views of Missing Data ModelsNabi, Razieh*; Bhattacharya, Rohit; Shpitser, Ilya; Robins, James
Causal influence, causal effects, and the identification and estimation of mediation parametersDiaz, Ivan*

Wednesday May 25, 2022

Session 5 - 8:45am-9:55am: Panel data 

Discussant: Elizabeth Stuart

The Role of the Propensity Score in Fixed Effect ModelsArkhangelsky, Dmitry*; Imbens, Guido
Susceptibility of Synthetic Control Methods to Reference Category ChoicePickett, Robert*; Hill, Jennifer; Cowan, Sarah
“Model what you can and assume the rest”: Model selection for reducing sensitivity to nonparallel trends in Diff…Leavitt, Thomas*; Hatfield, Laura

Session 6 - 11:15am-12:25pm: Data Fusion 

Discussant: Kara Rudolph

Heterogeneity Assessment In Causal Data Fusion ProblemsVo, Tat Thang*; Rudolph, Kara; Diaz, Ivan
Bias-robust integration of observational and experimental estimatorsOberst, Michael*; D'Amour, Alexander; Chen, Minmin; Wang, Yuyan; Sontag, David; Yadlowsky, Steve
A Cross-Validated Targeted Maximum Likelihood Estimator for Data-Adaptive Experiment Selection Applied to the Au…Dang, Lauren*; Tarp, Jens Magelund; Abrahamsen, Trine Julie; Kvist, Kajsa; Petersen, Maya L; van der Laan, Mark

Session 7 - 1:55pm-3:05pm: Matching and design-based approaches 

Discussant: Sam Pimentel

Hierarchical Resampling Procedures for Causal InferenceCohen, Peter*; Fogarty, Colin
On randomization inference after inexact Mahalanobis matchingGuo, Kevin*; Rothenhaeusler, Dominik
Objects in propensity-matched pairs are farther than they appearHansen, Ben B*