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Causal Roadmap

Introduction to Causal Inference

Maya L. Petersen & Laura B. Balzer

Divisions of Biostatistics & Epidemiology

Symbol for targeted learning

Introduction to Targeted Learning

Mark Van der Laan, Ph.D
Division of Biostatistics 

Headshot of Katherine Hoffman

An Illustrated Guide to TMLE, Part I: Introduction and Motivation

Katherine Hoffman 

University of Washington Biostatistics PhD Student

Tea Cup labeled Causal Inference

Podcast interview with CTML's Mark Van der Laan, breaking down Causal Inference.

This podcast dives into Targeted Learning as Professor Mark van der Laan  shares his expertise in this episode of Casual Inference. Discover how his research is revolutionizing statistical methods to unravel causal relationships from complex, high-dimensional data across various study designs. 

Training materials include previous projects, access to resources from courses taught by CTML staff, and much more.