4 New FIORD 1.0 Papers Accepted

September 21, 2023
Paper 1: "A Causal Roadmap for Generating High-Quality Real-World Evidence"
Discover the Causal Roadmap, your guide to navigating the world of real-world evidence (RWE). In this paper, we introduce an explicit, itemized framework 
that empowers researchers to pre-specify study designs and analysis plans. By enhancing transparency and objective comparisons of choices, the Causal Roadmap helps generate
 high-quality RWE and facilitates effective communication with regulatory agencies.

Paper 2: "Applying the Causal Roadmap in Safety Monitoring: Two Case Studies"
Explore real-world safety monitoring with the Causal Roadmap. This paper demonstrates how this structured framework can enhance transparency and 
objectivity in two case studies. Sponsored by the Sentinel Initiative, these examples showcase how the Causal Roadmap improves safety surveillance
and decision-making using electronic health records.

2 other papers in the process of being peer reviewed.