Weekly CTML/Biostat Research Seminars Series

CTML Seminar Series: Presentations and Resources
The following tables provide easy access to presenter information, research topics, and slide decks, making it a valuable resource for all members of the CTML community and anyone interested in the forefront of scientific inquiry. 

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2024 CTML Seminar Series

PresenterResearch TopicsLink to Slides
Haodong Li Targeted Learning on a Variable Importance Measure for Treatment Heterogeneity Slides
Romain Pirracchio Clinical AI; What We Need From You to Make This Revolution a Reality Video
Toru Shirakawa Deep LTMLE: Longitudinal Targeted Maximum Likelihood Estimation with Temporal-Difference Heterogenous Transformer Video For access please contact ctml_admin@berkeley.edu
David McCoy Discovery of Critical Thresholds in Mixed Exposures and Estimation of Policy Intervention Effects Using Targeted Learning Slides
Ashley Buchanan Power and Sample Size for Evaluating Spillover Effects in Networks With Non-Randomized Interventions Slides
Ahmed Alaa Conformal Meta-learners for Predictive Inference of Individual Treatment Effects

Slides | Video | Publication

Kaitlyn Lee Causal Inference with Binarized Continuous Treatments Slides
Noel Pimentel Score Preserving Targeted Maximum Likelihood Estimation Slides
Zachary Butzin-Dozier Evaluating Preventive Interventions for Long COVID Through Targeted Machine Learning Slides
Bochra Zareini Does the Use of New Weight Loss Drugs/Diabetes Drugs (Glucagon-Like Peptide 1 Receptor Agonists) Increase the Risk of Depression, Suicide, and Self-Harm? Slides

2023 CTML Seminar Series

PresenterResearch TopicsLink to Slides
Rachael V. Phillips Federated Targeted Learning Slides
Lauren Liao Transfer Learning with Efficient Estimators to Optimally Leverage Historical Data in Trial Analysis Slides
Nerissa Nance 

Handling real-world challenges: the role of simulation in applied causal analysis

Wenxin Zhang 

Sequential Adaptive Designs that Learn Optimal Individualized Treatment Rules by Utilizing Surrogate Outcomes

Shalika Gupta

Longitudinal Mediation for Perinatal Epidemiology

Yi Li

Estimation of Bivariate Survival Function under Censoring through HAL

Sky Qiu

Adaptive-TMLE for Randomized Controlled Trial Augmented with Real-World Evidence


Yunwen (Wendy) Ji

Causal Surveillance with Targeted Variance Estimation


Seraphina Shi

HAL-based Plugin Estimation of the Causal Dose–Response Curve


Nolan Gunter

Andy Kim

Variable Selection For Optimizing Clustering in Resource Limited Context:  An Application for Efficient Determination of Socio-economic Status in Africa


Sylvia Cheng

The Process of Aging through a Causal Lens: Examining a Causal Effect of Depressive Symptoms on Metabolic Dysfunctions and Cellular Aging


Kirsten Landsiedel

Causal Inference with Missing Exposures, Missing Outcomes, and Dependence


Joy Zora Nakato

Addressing Mediation and Positivity Violations in Cluster Randomized Trial Settings


Visiting Scholar

Li Yin

Evaluation of the effectiveness of the Swedish colorectal cancer screening program Slides