Gabriel Sumayan Garcia

Job title: 
Student Assistant
Public Health and Anthropology

Gabriel Sumayan Garcia (they/them) is currently a 4th-year undergraduate student at the University of California, Berkeley, pursuing a double major in Public Health and Anthropology with a concentration in Socio-cultural Anthropology. Their recent work within the Mabuhay Health Center has been focused on increasing accessibility of culturally-competent behavioral health services to SOMA community members, as well as, destigmatizing mental health through a decolonial and healing lense. Through their MCAH LEAP training, they hope to do research surrounding the intersections between mental health issues, and the environment as a means of addressing intergenerational trauma and advocating for gender-affirming and culturally-sensitive care.

Research interests: 

Climate change, community health, health disparities, maternal, children, and adolescent health, Intergenerational trauma, holistic and culturally competent clinical preventions